Should Guns Be Made Legal Essay

  • Yeah, let's make guns illegal! It certainly worked with meth and crack!

    Let me get this straight, you want to keep the average law-abiding citizen from owning a gun, when any criminal could get one on the black market. Drugs have been illegal for a while too, and that stopped no one from getting them somehow. So you want only criminals to be able to own guns? Sorry, that makes no sense.

  • Guns Are Okay for Reasonable Use Only.

    Guns should be allowed for people who actually are capable of handling a gun. People who have some disorder shouldn't have the right to purchase a gun (school shootings). It's unreasonable to have guns that are, and only should be, used in war. It's not reasonable to have a automatic shotgun or whatever they are called.
    We Americans are allowed to have guns because it is written in the constitution by our founding fathers. We need guns to protect ourselves; you never know when danger could walk through the door.

  • Tyranny will result.

    Listen, people, we have the right to bear arms. Not for hunting, not for self-defense, but for the preservation of the American way of life and the prevention of tyranny . Benjamin Franklin once said that, "Liberty Is nothing without the means to defend it." IT is our duty as citizens of the United States to overthrow our government in the event that it becomes oppressive. To all those opponents of legal firearm possession, I ask you: how are we to accomplish this feat that is not only our right but our sacred obligation? It is for these reasons that the citizens of this nature should be allowed to own fully automatic weapons. The framers did not place limitations, they said bear arms. They did not specify, it means all, ALL ARMS!!!

  • No guns should not be illegal...

    The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Guns are not the problem, the people are the problem, the way the people use the guns. But if guns are taken away then all we lose is the ability to protect ourselves and others, instead of trying to stop the gun we should stop the person with the gun.

  • Should handguns be illegal?

    No, our second amendment rights should never be taken away, in any form. As a hunter, I depend on my rifle for food. I keep my handgun for self defense ONLY. In a drought stricken area, rabid animals abound. Then there are the poisonous snakes - I would be defenseless. As a woman, alone, I value my handgun rights.

  • No, taking away the right to have guns and bear arms is not the cure for the recent mass shootings.

    The topic of gun control is almost expected after all the recent mass shootings, especially the tragedy with the children in Newtown. What advocates of gun control must realize is that making guns illegal only makes the situation worse. Those crazy enough to commit these crimes will still have access to the arsenal necessary to kill innocent people, while people who want guns to protect and defend themselves will only have a more difficult time.

  • Guns have never killed, it is the man/woman behind the gun

    As i read statements from both parties. There is numerous flaws to the argument, guns have never been known to kill anyone. I have left a gun on my porch with rounds sitting right next to it but, to my surprise people still walked on the sidewalk, they still stopped at the stop sign and kids still played in the street, no one was killed, there were many oppurtunities for it but the gun never killed, so I am convinced that my gun is either defective or it doesn't kill. In Britain people have said that they outlawed guns and they did in the 90s however, within the following 10 years murder/ violent crime multiplied 5x.

  • Sure...Taking away guns is DEFINITELY the solution!

    I think it is ridiculous that the government wants to outlaw guns! The government doesn’t understand how important it is for citizens to own guns. I have three good reasons for citizens to own guns. One, defending the public and yourself. If you’re out and someone comes in a restaurant with a gun, you can shoot him and keep others from being killed (Plus, you need a concealed weapons permit to carry guns with you in public, so only responsible people have the privilege of a self defense weapon). Number two, home defense. If someone tries to steal something or trespasses in your home, you can shoot them so they can’t steal from you or harm your family. Three, we have the right to own guns says the second amendment. The government should not have the right to overthrow the constitution.

  • We need them for protection

    The 2nd amendment states that we have the right to bear arms (owning a gun)..... Just imagine an intruder coming into your house waving a knife. What do you do?? You have two option.
    1. Grab your gun, and threaten him or shoot him....
    2. Let him injure you, and your family....
    What would YOU do???

  • Wouldn't they just rely on more dangerous options?

    "Guns kill people!", "Guns are all of America's problems! Without them we'd be perfectly peaceful and never go through anything ever again!!"
    This is utter crap.

    People would still have knives, drugs, even bow and arrows. If making drugs illegal (like meth and crack) didn't stop people from getting it why would making guns illegal do something different? Criminals would get them from the black market, or from people who smuggled them, or even smuggle them his/herself. Plus, if someone was to deal guns like drugs, someone would die/get seriously injured. Say somebody didn't have the money at the time they were supposed to when they were dealing guns, someone could kill him/her.

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