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If assignments seem to disappear from your LaunchPad after their due dates have passed, your instructor may have the LaunchPad set up so that only assignments due in the future are visible to you.

Please note that depending on how your instructor has set up your course, you may not be able to complete past due assignments for a grade. Some assignments may allow you to work on them after the due date for review purposes, but they will not be graded. If this is the case, you will receive a small pop-up with a warning like the one pictured below.

You can view your past due assignments on the LaunchPad home page or using the calendar.

On the LaunchPad home page

Click on the Show Past Due link on your LaunchPad home page, to the right of the Assignments heading. This will reveal past due homework assignments (and the units that those assignments are located in).


In the example below, one past-due assignment is now visible. Click on it to open it.


Using the calendar

Open the calendar

Click on the Calendar from the left-hand menu on the LaunchPad home page.


Use the scroll arrows to move from month to month

Using the up arrow button at the top left of the calendar, you can scroll to prior months to see your past due assignments.


Click on the assignment to reveal assignment info

You will see the full name of the assignment, the point value, and the due date, as well as a link to Open the assignment.


Click "Open" to open the assignment


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