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Mordialloc College policies set out the school’s views, procedures and rules. They provide a useful operational reference and describe the activities or processes that are to be followed to complete a task or function in a correct and consistent manner.

Our aim is to provide a consistent framework for actions that help to streamline activities, avoid potential hurdles and take account of foreseeable circumstances in an efficient, respectful and legally responsible manner. It is expected that all students and members of the school community adhere to the College Code of Conduct and the school rules and policies that are set out in the documents listed below.

We encourage parents to review these procedures, and discuss the implications and responsibilities with their child where they deem it necessary.


For a comprehensive statement on a variety of school procedures and policies, please download the College Information Manual. Included in this manual is information regarding:

  • Attendance
  • Work Submission
  • Homework and study
  • Reporting
  • Student Code of Conduct
  • Student Wellbeing
  • School Rules
  • Illegal Substances

College Manual PDF


The College curriculum has a high academic focus that challenges students and rewards a positive work ethic.

This includes a well managed and continuous student assessment and feedback process, and we actively implement student work submission and work quality policies. Our dedicated literacy and numeracy programs are delivering excellent results across all year levels.

An outstanding program of fostering personal development, happiness and future success is the hallmark of our approach to teaching and learning. This approach has been successful as shown by the College being ranked, by both parents and students, in the top ten per cent in the state.

Students are expected to accept responsibility for their learning and a positive homework and individual support program encourages the highest standards of achievement in every activity.

Students are encouraged to be involved in an active, team-orientated learning environment of mutual trust, respect and concern for others.

Committed teachers and exceptional facilities allow Mordialloc College to deliver challenging, diverse and individualised learning programs at each year level.


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